Gnome – People of the Fae Realms

The Surge washed over all of Sythlia’s realms, including other worlds and dimensions. Felwiddel was included, a world that maintained its own laws of physics and mysteries. The very earth of this odd realm of seemingly endless possibilities was already infused with Sythlia’s own creation energies. When The Surge hit, most of the world was destroyed just as Ævyn had been. Yet the world quickly rebounded.

Curious of what happened, some elemental fae journeyed through portals of their own making to the source. Upon entering the mortal realm, they took the shape of the first people they saw — an igyrlin and a th’il.

Ever since, the mischievous soul of the fae has resided in the gnome, a people with a tendency to view the world as parts to be used, thrown away, and put back together.

Gnome at a glance

Height: Small (3′ / 91.4 cm; 40 lbs / 18 kg)
Age: Adolescence 19; Adult, 40; Middle Age, 125; Old, 350; Venerable, 500
Vision: low-light vision
Origin: Realm of Felwiddel; later, Rexim Island

Hit Points 8
Speed 25 feet
Attribute Boosts
Attribute Flaw